Service Items

Item Category Responsibilities
Mother and child care Maternity matron Prenatal care for expectant mother. Postnatal care for new mother.
Baby Nursing Specializing in taking care of baby and doing some simple housework.
Part Time Service Cleaning , cooking cooking, laundering , taking care of baby , the elders , and patients , Pets Feeding , Gardening, Cleaning for company, Massage, Chinese and English teacher and other Timing services.
Undertake party food production Contract services Contracting New Year’s Eve dinner.
Other Family driver(Carry car or not) Driving for families.
Tutor Children’s tutor , Chinese teacher , art teacher ,English teacher.
Remote service accompanying customer to business trip, tourism , vacation , and other activities.

Service quotation

Service Items Category Salary
Full-Time Ayi(Live at Home or not) Speak English price negotiable
Speak no English price negotiable
Part Time Service Speak English ShangHai:35-40 RMB/Per hour
BeiJing:35 RMB/Per hour
Speak no English ShangHai:30-35 RMB/Per hour
BeiJing:25-30 RMB/Per hour
Gold nursing BeiJing 12800 RMB/Month
ShangHai 13800 RMB/Month
Baby Nursing ShangHai & Live at Home 6500-7000 RMB/Month
Other According to meeting details

Note: The accurate prices will depend on the size of house , ayi’s working projects , and working time.

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